Project X: The Ultimate Adventure

With Project X, the destination and trip details will be unknown to you until you travel!

Your trip will be carefully crafted based on in-depth personal conversations where you’re encouraged to be vulnerable, let us know why you want to travel, and share what you’re truly seeking out of the experience of travel. By not being privy to the destination and experiences we select until you arrive at the airport, the suspense draws out the explorer inside of you, forcing you to set intentions, be mindful, and be prepared for anything and everything. Our hope is that by releasing the expectations of place, you’re able to take the journey within, harken back to the roots of travel, slow down, engage more fully, open up for unplanned exploration, and recalibrate your inner compass. Project X gives you, the traveler, the rare opportunity to reignite the fire that burns in our bellies and discover the treasures within that you may have lost the map for or flat out didn’t know existed. If you’re ready to step into the unknown, please contact us and we’ll take the first few steps together.

How Project X Works

- 1 -

It Starts With a Chat

Just a simple chat on the phone to discuss budget and destination options. Click the button above or simply send us a note on to set up a convenient time for us to speak.

- 2 -

We Get to Work

We’ll pool our resources, reach out to our contacts and tap into our own knowledge and experience. Then we’ll select the best options that will surprise and enlighten you.

- 3 -

Explore the Unknown

You’re off to have the time of your life, knowing that we’re here if you need us. Enjoy yourself … and send us some pictures from the road!

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Is Project X for Me?

It takes a special kind of traveler to step beyond the boundaries of the known and into the complete unknown of Project X. If you love to travel but find yourself saying ... 

  • ... I don’t have time to plan the trip myself

  • ... I feel like the element of surprise is lacking in travel

  • ... I don’t want an off-the-shelf or packaged tour

  • ... I want to be a traveler, not a tourist

... then Project X might be just what you need!