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Find the Explorer Within …

What We Do

Explorer X designs custom travel experiences and small group adventures that will take you to the most incredible destinations around the world and give you unprecedented access to its most unique cultures. Combining exciting outdoor activities, immersive cultural interactions, meaningful conversations, local accommodations full of character and charm, and amazing culinary experiences with much-needed time for wellness and reflection, traveling with Explorer X will invite you to see the world — and yourself — through new eyes and help you find the explorer within. Questions? Always feel free to connect with us — We love talking to travelers!

Why We Do It

We believe that by traveling in a deeper, more engaged, and more purposeful way, travel has the power to transform our lives and create real, meaningful, and lasting change in the world … That travel, at its roots, is about exploration — of other people, places, and cultures but also of the hidden and unknown parts of our own hearts and souls … It's about adventuring off into the unknown, exploring the world and ourselves, and being open to whatever it is that we find … It’s about connecting with new people, places, and cultures and wrestling with ideas and perspectives and beliefs that simultaneously inspire us and challenge us to our core ... It’s about building compassion, understanding, empathy, and awareness and is the ultimate tool for growth, learning, and global citizenry … It’s about being awed by the beauty of nature and feeling that sense of being so small (yet so powerful) … It's about reconnecting with ourselves so that we can live with more meaning, purpose, and intention … and make a lasting impact in the world.