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Handcrafted Journeys for Curious Travelers


Explorer X

One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of seeing things.
— Henry Miller

Explorer X crafts custom journeys and small group journeys that take you to some of the most unique and powerful destinations on the planet and support you in using your experiences there as catalysts for learning, growth, development, empathy, understanding, and global citizenry. Working with you before, during, and even after your travels, we’ll help you engage and meaningfully connect with other people, places, cultures, and ideas, sparking powerful conversations that inspire you to begin taking purposeful action to transform your life, your relationships, and your community when you return home.

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We believe that by traveling in a deeper, more engaged, and more purposeful way, travel can open our eyes to new ways of seeing, being, and living …

… That travel, at its roots, is about exploration — of other people, places, and cultures but also of the hidden and unknown parts of our own hearts and souls … It's about adventuring off into the unknown, exploring the world and ourselves, and being open to whatever it is that we find … It’s about connecting with new people, places, and cultures and wrestling with ideas and perspectives and beliefs that simultaneously inspire us and challenge us to our core ... It’s about building compassion, understanding, empathy, and awareness and is the ultimate tool for growth, learning, and global citizenry … It’s about being awed by the beauty of nature and feeling that sense of being so small (yet so powerful) … It's about reconnecting with ourselves so that we can live with more meaning, purpose, and intention … and that travel has the power to make a lasting impact in our relationships, our communities, and the world.



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