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Handcrafted Journeys for Curious Travelers


 Your Vacation Deserves More ‘X’

Explorer X crafts custom journeys and small group journeys that take you to some of the most unique and powerful destinations on the planet and support you in using your experiences there as catalysts for learning, growth, development, empathy, understanding, and global citizenry.


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Learn more about what trip design with Explorer X looks like here. If you’re ready for a meaningful, exciting, challenging, and life-changing travel experience, we invite you to connect with us to begin your Journey.

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Small Group Journeys


Tim's insider perspective during the Amazon Awakenings 2019 journey to the Ecuadorian Rainforest with Explorer X.

Ecuador | Amazon Rainforest

May 26 — June 6, 2020

Join internationally acclaimed acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in one of the wildest and most sonically beautiful places on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest, as you reawaken your senses and reconnect not only with yourself but also with Planet Earth.

Featured in Forbes Magazine


Guatemala | Journey of the Senses

January 18—26, 2020

You’ll spend four days trekking through friendly Mayan villages, engaging with local people and talented artisans, eating artfully-prepared fresh local foods and marveling at active volcanoes and lush cloud forests.


Nepal | A Sacred Journey

March 17—29, 2020

Revitalize your head, heart, and mind on this very special journey through the Himalayas in Spring 2020 with Explorer X Co-Founder Michael Bennett. Commune with monks, learn from a meditation wizard, and experience the best of Nepal on this 13-day trek.


Chile | The 2020 Solar Eclipse

December 8 — 16, 2020

At the point where Patagonia begins, there is a swath of land stretching 200 miles that will stop you in your tracks. There are volcanos and ancient forests dotted with crystal blue lakes, fjords, waterfalls and natural hot springs−and in 2020—the total solar eclipse.

Early bird pricing ends September 31st!

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Project X


Would You Let Strangers Send You Anywhere in the World?

“When I had to focus on how I wanted to travel because the where had been taken out of my hands.”

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With Project X, your destination and trip details will be unknown to you until you travel!

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