Why Travel with Explorer X

There are so many things that make traveling with Explorer X an eXtraordinary experience ... Here are the 3 that we are most proud of:

1. Collaborative Travel Design Process

Our collaborative travel design process allows you to work hand-in-hand with a Travel Mentor as together you craft a life-changing travel experience. Along the way, you'll be invited to play an active role in the design of your itinerary and will be in constant communication with your Travel Mentor.

2. Hand-Crafted Itineraries

After you and your Travel Mentor have sketched out your perfect adventure, they'll get to work handcrafting your Journey. Our Travel Mentors work closely with trusted local accommodation providers, guides, and tour operators to ensure the perfect mixture of some of the classic experiences of each destination as well as a few secret, off-the-beaten-path adventures that most other travelers never get to experience! 

3. Learn How to 'Travel Like a Hero'

In addition to helping build the perfect travel experience for you, your Travel Mentor will also guide and support you in 'Traveling Like a HERO' and making the most of your travel experience. By engaging with you in a series of powerful conversations before, during, and even after your Journey, your Travel Mentor will help you bring more intention, purpose, and mindfulness to your travel experience and support you in using your adventures to make changes — big OR small — in your life as a result!