10 Transformative Insights for Family Adventures

By Jake Haupert

Travel is a powerful tool for teaching children how to approach new and different concepts that they may not be exposed to otherwise. By focusing on a growth mindset in these settings, parents are able to engage with their children in a way that strengthens their character. Co-Founder Jake Haupert expands on ten important insights to maximize your family’s learning experiences on your next adventure.

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  1. Use travel as a way to raise empowered, resilient, and conscious children that make mindful and responsible choices at home and abroad.  

  2. Embrace a growth mindset, set intentions, be purposeful, and consider what are the meaningful, lasting changes you’d like your family to realize.

  3. Challenge perceptions, let go of stereotypes, and be surprised how this releases fear, judgement, and unfair expectations of people and place.

  4. Foster engagement with communities and connection with nature. This will cultivate traits of understanding, empathy, and stewardship in our next generation.

  5. Help your kids become better, confident, and savvy travelers by embracing the unknown by overcoming challenging – and sometimes disorienting - situations.  

  6. Develop a deeper sense of family, community, and global belonging. Reunite with personal values, family ethos, goals, and your desired way of being.

  7. Travel with an eye toward fulfillment rather than entertainment. 

  8. Shift from mindless reaction to being mindfully present. Visualize letting go to find your travel flow and harmonize as a family.  

  9. Transform from the inside-out. Look within, uncover your why, understand what you’re searching for, and embark on a journey with clarity of purpose. 

  10. Be the change you want to see and share your newfound wisdom with friends and family upon returning home.

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