Why We Adventure

By Explorer X Staff

Adventure means different things to different people. For some, adventure means pushing themselves past the physical limits of what they thought was possible for themselves. For others, exploring a new culture or language or way of living is every bit the adventure. And for others still, the greatest adventure is the one that allows them to connect with their spirituality in deep and meaningful ways.

What struck us is that there are many ways to adventure ... but we got even more curious. We wanted to know why people adventure, why they jump out of planes or scale mountain peaks or travel to foreign lands where they don't speak the language or understand the culture.

So we asked our staff what the term 'adventure' means to them and, more specifically, why they adventure. Here is a sampling of what they said.

Devin Littlefield, Marketing Consultant:

Adventure is a part of my DNA: It is who I am. Whether that be living courageously and trying some new, fun / risky things or always going down the road less traveled, those are parts of what makes me, well ... me. When I had decided a few years ago to travel out to Alaska to pursue my Bachelors degree, I knew I had made one of the best decisions of my life (thus far) because of the opportunities it's created, the people I met and the unforgettable experiences I had along the way. I wouldn't trade those in for anything. And to me, that's the reason why I love to adventure.

Michael Bennett, Co-Founder:

I adventure for three reasons, all of which are deeply intertwined on any travel experience. First, adventure allows me to disconnect from things that are adding unnecessary stress to my life. This could be taking a much-needed break from technology for a few days (easier said than done for most of us), removing myself from stressful situations (and people) that are keeping me up at night, or even having the opportunity to disconnect from myself sometimes. I have found that many times, who we are being in life — how we are acting, what we are doing, etc. — is not in integrity with who we really are. Travel allows us to let go of those things so that we can focus on being our authentic self.

Secondly, adventure is about connecting with new people, places, and ideas. Once I have disconnected from technology, work, people, etc., I know that I can begin immersing myself in learning new things, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and developing new ideas and perspectives from all of my travels.

Finally, and perhaps most important, I find that through adventure, I am able to reconnect with the people and places that are most important to me, including myself. With technology, work, relationships, etc., it's easy to lose sight of what's really important to us. Travel is a rare opportunity to spend time alone with my thoughts so that I can reflect on where I am now and where I am going. In essence, travel inspires me to begin to write the next chapter in my life. That is why I travel, and that is why I seek out adventures.

Jessica Irwin, Contributing Writer & Blogger: 

Travel literally saved my life. My parents worked in the developing world, where I was born with a blockage in my intestines and was thus unable to eat. Through a series of miracles, I was flown halfway around the world while being hooked to IVs so I could get the surgery I needed to save my life. Of course, I don't remember any of that, but the sense that travel is life-giving has stayed with me.

In today's world, so many people are terrified of traveling when the actual danger comes from never going anywhere at all. Staying in one place for too long is like going to an art museum with only one painting or a library with just one book. It is too narrow a definition of life. But when I travel, I'm reminded of how big the world actually is and how many different ways there are to live a good life. It makes me feel alive and free. Whether it's on the tip of a cruise ship in the middle of the sea or above the clouds at the top of the Alps, the awe of my insignificance makes me ponder how I can make my life mean something of significance.

Whether in Peru or Pakistan, the simplicity of our common humanity teaches me how necessary it is to learn to understand other people. Travel teaches me how to truly live. Like a splash of cold water on a sleepy face, it wakes me up. It's refreshing, liberating, and life-giving. One traveler at a time, I believe it could just change the world.

So while adventure inevitably means different things for different people, there are common threads woven throughout the reasons why we at Explorer X adventure: We adventure because it moves us beyond our comfort zones into our zones of greatness, and into the land of possibility. We adventure because is helps us disconnect from stressful things and people and situations and helps connect us with new people, places, ideas, and perspectives. We adventure because in doing so, we are able to find ourselves once again and transform our lives as we explore the world. And we adventure because, in our own unique ways, adventure and travel have saved our lives.

This is why we adventure. Why do YOU adventure? Leave us a comment below!

Michael Bennett