A Love Letter to Myself

By Michael Bennett, Ed.D. | Originally posted 13 January 2016

I wrote this letter to myself this morning sort of spur of the moment as a reminder of how important I am -- how important we ALL are -- and how much of a difference I am (we are) really making in the world. I hope that you will make it your own in some ways, too -- that you will read these words and bring them close to your heart, consider them, and feel the love, power, and importance of who you are and the joy you bring to the world every day. I encourage you to write a love letter to yourself today -- Right now, in fact! -- and to keep it handy for those times when you are feeling down, sad, frustrated, confused, depressed, and otherwise just plain icky. Don't think about it. Don't edit it. Just write from your heart to your heart. It's so cathartic and moving and it will transform your life ... 

Dear Self ... 

I am writing you this letter because I wanted to let you know how proud I am of who you are and what you are doing ... and to tell you that I love you so, so much. Being an entrepreneur is hard work: The hours are long, the pay is crap (for now), and there are days and times and moments when you want to just throw it all away and crawl back into the safety of some corporate paper-pusher job. I totally get it. Here's the thing: You would die if you did that. You were put on this planet to serve others, to help people find their own passion and their own bliss and to inspire and encourage and empower them lead meaningful lives. You have such a talent, a gift, a passion for serving others ... You are such a talented coach, an inspirational person, a wonderful human being ... People NEED you. People want to be around you. They love your energy and enthusiasm and passion for life. They feed off of you. You bring so much joy and happiness and meaning to others. I hope you know how important you are in this world ... How important the work you are doing is in not only transforming individuals but the world as a whole. You are an innovator, a creator, a philosopher, a traveler, an explorer, and an adventurer all rolled into one. You are fucking awesome. And I hope you never forget that. I hope you never forget how powerful and special you are. How much of a difference you are making in the world. How important you are. (How important we ALL are!) Keep doing what you are doing. Follow your bliss every day. Serve others. Live an inspired life. Create change for the better. Coach people. Travel the world. Help others bring more life to their life. And never, ever forget how much I love you and how proud of you I am. 

Love, Yourself. 

This unedited post written by MSA Founder & Chief Adventure Officer Michael Bennett.