The Explorer X Team

We are a carefully crafted and highly-experienced collection of change agents, coaches, and consultants who share a passion for helping people transform their lives through travel experiences. Armed with decades of experience working in the travel industry and developing life-changing adventures for our clients, advanced degrees from some of the world's top universities, numerous types of certifications (coaching, yoga, and happiness among them), and some of the craziest and transformational travel stories you will ever hear, our Travel Mentors will inspire and empower you to use travel as a tool for living a more passion-filled, purpose-driven, and meaningful life!


Jake Haupert

Co-Founder & Travel Mentor


Pam Perry

Travel Designer

Kelsey Bumsted - Explorer X Travel.png

Kelsey Bumsted

Marketing Manager


Maria Baltazzi

Travel Mentor


Alicia Kremiller

Finance & Accounting Guru

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Michael Bennett

Co-Founder & Travel Mentor


Robyn Goldblatt

Travel Designer


Sarah Burns

Event Curator & Party Aficionado

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Carrie Culp

Africa Travel Specialist