Adventures Overview

Explorer X designs custom travel experiences and small group adventures that will take you to the most incredible destinations around the world and give you unprecedented access to its most unique cultures. Combining exciting outdoor activities, immersive cultural interactions, meaningful conversations, local accommodations full of character and charm, and amazing culinary experiences with much-needed time for wellness and reflection, traveling with Explorer X will invite you to see the world — and yourself — through new eyes and help you find the explorer within. As pioneers in the art of transformational travel, we offer a variety of Programs & Services for every type of traveler, which you can explore below. Questions? Always feel free to connect with us — We love talking to travelers!


Custom Journeys

Our collaborative travel design process allows you to work hand-in-hand with a Travel Mentor as together you craft a life-changing travel experience. Get started now!


Small Group Journeys

Explorer X's Small Group Journeys are handcrafted, life-changing experiences in the world's most incredible destinations. Get ready for your next great adventure!


Explorer Next: Family Travel

Our Explorer Next Family Adventures are mindfully crafted and lovingly designed trips for families who are looking for a deeper, more meaningful, and more conscious approach to family travel.


Project X

Project X are carefully crafted and personalized travel experiences where you will not know your destination until 24 hours before you leave. The ultimate journey into the unknown!