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Greenland: Arctic Adventures

Nature in Greenland is powerful and immense. Wind, water, and ice have created majestic arctic landscapes marked by austere beauty. Nature has also left a clear mark on the local mindset, characterized by openness and action, adaptation and flexibility. The mindset of a truly pioneering people. Join us on an exploration of this dramatic destination and the culture, history, and heritage that run so deep.

August 24—31, 2019 | From $6850/pp


Program Overview

Greenland is a stunningly beautiful country complete with massive icebergs, strikingly barren landscapes, and dramatic mountains. Whatever Greenland may lack in traditional tourist infrastructure it more than makes up for with its unique and fascinating culture, history, food, traditions, and warmth of the Pioneering People. There are places on this planet that instinctively connect us with nature and ancient wisdom and the deep, dark, hidden places in the human heart … places that speak volumes about the world and to our souls, all without saying a word … that invite and inspire us to take stock of all that we think we know about ourselves, the world, and our place in it. Greenland is one of those places. Consider joining us on this Adventure in the Arctic as we explore the people, places, and culture of Greenland while also diving into powerful and meaningful conversations about our experiences there and how we can use them to create real change in our lives and in the world. This will be the adventure of a lifetime. We hope to see you in Greenland soon!


Itinerary for Adventures in the Arctic

August 24

Fly into Reykjavik + Connecting flight to Nuuk; Transfer to Arctic Nomads for Welcome Ceremony + Overnight

August 25

Day 2

August 26

Day 4

August 27

Day 6

August 28

Day 8

August 29

Day 9

August 30


August 31





ARCTIC NOMAD | Nuuk, Greenland

At Arctic Nomads, it’s time to unplug and get back to nature … in style! While here, you’ll enjoy gourmet meals, luxury accommodations, breathtaking views, and have the experience of a lifetime! Kiattua Camp is situated 80 km from Nuuk the capital of Greenland. You can only get to this secluded spot by boat or helicopter. The camp is placed among the oldest mountains in the world. (3.8 billion years old). In fact, the only human made thing you will see from the camp are the 800 hundred year old Viking Ruins. Among towering high mountains at a well protected inlet, the Camp area offers stunning natural views over the ice covered waters, and the magnificent waterfall providing constant flow of fresh water. Next to the sea the Camp is inviting for daily adventures from our anchored boats.

HOTEL ARCTIC | Ilulissat, Greenland

How far north can you go without staying a tent, getting lost and resorting to cannibalism? Well, try the Hotel Arctic. It is the world’s northernmost four-star hotel and is popular among people who like their holiday destinations adventurous. The hotel allows you to explore the beauty of the North: icebergs, seals, and fjords. Located on Disco Bay in Greenland, you can arrive on dog sled riding through a village of colorful wooden houses. Awaiting you on arrival is a delicious Arctic fare of seal and reindeer meat, potatoes, and stewed vegetables. Your room is a work of Danish elegance, with blonde-wood furniture and soft fabrics. If you want to try out the Eskimo lifestyle, you can stay in one of eight igloo cottages that overlook the bay are accessible only by a boardwalk trail.

ILIMANAQ LODGE | Ilimanaq, Greenland

Ilimanaq Lodge is situated on the edge of the coastline in harmony with nature in the first row, with unique vistas of majestic icebergs and impressive whales. Newly built in the summer of 2017, Ilimanaq Lodge comprises of 15 luxury huts with an adjacent gourmet restaurant. At Ilimanaq Lodge, you'll be right out there experiencing this little Greenlandic village in a comfortable setting. Each hut has its own solar panels installed, supplying energy for heating and electricity. Surplus electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the village and the locals. The long bright nights in the Greenlandic summer make use of solar panels very effective. The huts are built as a two-floor construction and are designed to integrate into the surrounding tundra. All huts are furnished in a beautiful Nordic design.


Michael exploring Disko Bay in Greenland in 2017.

Michael exploring Disko Bay in Greenland in 2017.

Your Travel Mentor

Michael Bennett, Ed.D.

Michael is a seasoned traveler, speaker, consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and organizational consultant who has dedicated his life to helping others transform their lives through travel. Inspired by his own life-changing travel experiences, Michael launched his first travel company, Muddy Shoe Adventures, in 2012 as way to support others in traveling with more intention and mindfulness, ultimately inspiring them to use their experiences as catalysts for changing their lives. He believes that through travel, we all embark on our own Hero’s Journeys, and that the experiences we have while traveling can not only transform our lives but create lasting change in our families, communities, and the world. Michael earned his MBA and Ed.D. from Pepperdine University. He is Co-Founder of the Transformational Travel Council. Michael helped launch Explorer X in 2017 and serves as Chief Adventure Officer and Travel Mentor.


Pricing & Inclusions


  • $6850/pp (based on double occupancy)

  • Single Supplement: $TBD

What’s Included:

  • All accommodations listed above (7N)

  • All meals/drinks listed on the itinerary

  • All experiences and activities

  • All transfers and transportation

  • Flights between Reykjavik and Greenland

What’s NOT Included:

  • Round-trip flights to/from Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Meals/Drinks not listed on the itinerary

  • Travel Insurance

  • Items of a Personal Nature

  • Souvenirs


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