Family Adventures Application

We ask that all prospective Explorer NeXt Family Adventurers submit a brief application for their desired program. This gives you a chance to connect with your Travel Mentor to make sure that this is a good match … and ensures that you know what to expect (and what not to expect) on your Adventure. The process is simple:


Submit Your Application

Begin the process by answering the Call to Adventure and completing the application below.


Chat w/ Your Travel Mentor

Next, we’ll connect you with the trip’s Travel Mentor so that you have time to bond and ensure that this trip is the right fit for both of you.


Begin Your Journey

Finally, your Program Leader will work with you and the other participants in preparing for both the inner and outer Journey ahead.


Name *
Where do you live now?
What is calling you (and your family) to go on an Explorer NeXt Family Adventure?
Please let us know which family members will be joining you on this Adventure. Please include ages.
If there is anything else we should know about you and your family, please include that here!