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Special Adventure Uncorked: Mountain Biking

About This Event

Come join us for good wine, great people, and an amazing presentation by Matt Paul, the director of Bicycle Adventures including: Mountain Bike Tours, and Seattle Mountain Biking Tours. 

Matt figured out how to take people mountain biking in cool places. But that’s not really the point. When you organize a MTB experience, you create the opportunity to explore the woods or the sport or yourself from a unique perspective. We just set the table. For some, the take away is a better understanding of how to mountain bike. Others use it as a healthy way to bring a team or family together. For others it’s the feeling of flying at the foot of the giant firs or escaping the pace of everything back at home or office. It is focusing only on the moment. 

"Mountain biking is the only way I know to force myself to completely engage with a moment. The deeper I get, the deeper I get." 

About Bicycle Adventures

Bicycle Adventures has been curating premier cycling vacations since 1984. Our roots are here in the PNW with the first tours starting on the San Juan Islands. The heritage of the company has been primarily focused around road biking. Over the last several years we have been building a world-class mountain bike department. This started with a roundtable of handpicked mountain bikers and travel experts that made a list of all the destinations they have dreamed of riding. Destinations: Yukon, Slovenia, Peru, Chile, British Columbia, New Zealand and Washington State. 

Once we had this rolling, we had a look around and thought, hey, we live here, we bike here when we get off work we ride here, we have the bikes and vans and guides, let’s try and do local day tours. Washington State has been gaining attention in the mountain bike community over the last several years and is about to explode once the rest of the world gets word of what we have out our back door. And as a guide and tour developer that had has the great fortune to ride in many places and engage with tour operators all over the world, I can comfortably claim Washington as the greatest place to mountain bike in the world.