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Why we love this trip

At the point where Patagonia begins, there is a swath of land stretching 200 miles that will stop you in your tracks. There are volcanos and ancient forests dotted with crystal blue lakes, fjords, waterfalls and natural hot springs−and in 2020—the total solar eclipse. Named for its main defining feature the Chile’s Lakes District is the getaway choice for Chileans and in-the-know adventure-enthusiasts from around the world. Besides many opportunities for adventure activities on both water and land, you’ll learn about the rich local culture, both from the indigenous Mapuche and the more recent German settlers. See this area through the historical lens of the Mapuche legends, cuisine and handicrafts for an important perspective on Chilean culture.

About the solar eclipse

As if near-summer Patagonian days could not be more perfect, on December 14, 2020, parts of Chile will once again be plunged into daytime darkness as the moon passes between the earth and the sun, fully blotting it out in a solar total eclipse. The path of the lunar shadow on this date will be a narrow 90km band, and the viewing spots at Lago Colico are perfect for appreciating totality in the minute-or-so surrounding the greatest eclipse time at 1:13PM. Photographers, eclipse chasers and sky-lovers won’t want to miss this infrequent event made all the more special by the glittering lakes and native forests that surround it.

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