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Day 1 | November 10

Your journey across the world


The anticipation is over, you’re off! Fly to Bangkok, Thailand (we can help with flights). For your day of travels, we love providing reading material recommendations and thoughtful reflection activities for those who want more personal growth and meaning out of their travels.

 Day 2 | November 11

Partake in a scenic early morning flight from Bangkok over the Himalayas to Paro, Bhutan. A traditional greeting by your expert Bhutanese guide who will be with you for the next 10 days will inspire and help you settle into the rest of the trip. Driving through the countryside to the capital city of Thimphu gives way to the incredible landscape of the region. Tonight and each night, engage in a thoughtful discussion relating to the day’s activities and highlights with your host and mentor Phil Cousineau. Why is this discussion with a world-renowned author so different from others? Phil’s philosophical insight into cultural exchanges, personal impact and the greater society leads you and your fellow travelers into powerful conversation beyond the surface level yip-yap that you would normally encounter on a traditional vacation.

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Day 3 | November 12

This morning and each morning before breakfast, engage in a discussion lead with Phil Cousineau to prepare you for your invigorating day. To begin the day, you’ll hike to remote Cheri Monastery (about 1 hour) through beautiful pine forest and visit the world’s largest sitting Buddha which overlooks the Thimphu valley. By taking the time to walk on foot, you’ll enjoy the sights, smells and social interactions throughout the journey. We will be studying happiness today as well! Become introduced to a Gross National Happiness and discussion with the Bhutanese Government Minister

Day 4 | November 13

Visit Thimpu’s Memorial Chorten to circumambulate with monks and others! Experience Asia’s smallest capital city with culture, art, religion & wildlife. As a visitor, we hope to that this experience inspires listening and understanding - in our travelr’s greater mission to inspire empathy and understanding for others across the world, we will meet privately with member of Bhutan parliament to delve into the nation’s struggles and successes.

 Day 5 | November 14

The market is the soul of a city… Stroll the wares Thimphu’s famous Saturday market and taste, smell, and engage in what it has to offer. Afterwards, we will visit Dochula Pass and take a short hike to the historic meditation caves. Drive to Punakha, and learn the myth of the Mo Chu & Pho Chu Rivers!

Day 6 | November 15

Visit the picturesque Punakha Dzong, a historic fortress of government and religious orders. Take two short walks to Chimi Lakhang, the “fertility temple”, and Khamsum, a unique pagoda-like chorten!

 Day 7 | November 16

The peaceful countryside and beauty of Bhutan’s terrain elicits feelings of love, kindness and inspiration. Pass roadside yaks on the way to the Phobjikha Valley - a richly biodiverse region of Bhutan, immerse yourself in a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath (optional), and live physically and mentally in the moment - it’s not everyday you’re in a place so magical.


Day 8 | November 17

Hike around the Phobjikha Valley, on trails trekked by locals for millennia. Visit the Black-necked Crane Center to learn about the mythological and spiritual birds who make their winter home here - one that you’ll see artistically added to architecture and art on monasteries and deities throughout your Bhutanese journey.

Day 9 | November 18

Return to Paro, with a stop in Thimphu for lunch! This evening, engage in a unique chanting experience with a local monk. Dig deeper and participate in activities that encourage you to see yourself and the world a little differently.

Day 10 | November 19

Hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery, built into sheer granite rock 3,000 feet above the valley floor! You’ll have time to enjoy meandering in Paro, including a visit to the National Museum. Tonight ends with a celebratory dinner with your new Bhutanese friends, travel companions and guide!

Day 11 | November 20 

Say farewell to Bhutan!
Fly to Bangkok and connect to your flight home.

Note: Extension options available; ask us for more info!