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 Day 1: May 26

Quito, Ecuador

Arrive into Quito, Ecuador and transfer to hotel near airport! Today is for settling into the country and acclimating to the new surroundings. Expect casual introductions and a friendly ceremonial welcoming dinner after a long day of travel.

Day 2: May 27


Depart for the Rainforest
Vehicle Transfer to Reventador
Lunch at Tarapoa and Scenic stops along the way
(Last stop for cell phone contact)

Day 3: May 28


Arrival in Zabalo Village
Continue via Vehicle and Boat to Village
Dinner and Introduction to Cofan Tribe with Randy

Day 4: May 29


Boat Ride to Jungle Camp
Introduction to Jungle Orientation
Turtle Release
Listening to Evening Chorus


Day 5: May 30


Full Day Jungle Camp
Wake Early to Listen to Dawn Chorus
Explore Up-River
Fishing/Hunting/Gathering for Meals
Evening Swim


 Day 6: May 31


Return to Village
Boat Ride back to Zabalo
Repack for Solo Camp
Village Listening Station

Day 7: June 1 


Optional Solo Camp Day 1
Cofan Elders Lead Participants to Remote Camps
Participant Assists in Construction of Shelter

 Day 8: June 2


Optional Solo Camp Day 2
Guide Returns for Food and Security Check
Camp for Another Night at Remote Camp
Or Return to Village for Overnight

 Day 9: June 3


Return to Village
Free day to Clean Up/Rest/Write
Dinner Storytelling

 Day 10: June 4


Depart Zabalo Village
River and Vehicle Transfers to Lago Agrio where travelers will stay overnight.

 Day 11: June 5

Travel to Quito
After traveling via ground transport from Lago Agrio, enjoy the rest of the day enjoying the scenes of the city with a Street Wisdom Walk and celebratory dinner and discussion. 

Day 12: June 6

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 2.27.03 PM.png

Depart Quito, Ecuador 
Flights Home 
Optional Visit to Otovalo Market for Late Departures 
Some May Continue in Galapagos or Central Andes (Inquire about our trip extensions!)

Optional Trip Extensions

Inquire with our team! 
A few ideas and options for your pre-trip and/or post-trip possibilities could include exploring the Central Andes or the Galapagos Islands.