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Gordon Hempton

The Soundtracker

I am acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. I care very deeply about quiet. I live near Olympic National Park in the rugged northwest corner of Washington State, quiet enough to be a recording studio — and it is. As The Sound Tracker®, I have circled the globe three times over the last 35 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds—sounds which can only be fully appreciated in the absence of manmade noise. I hope that you will join me in Ecuador.


Jake Haupert

The Mindful Wayfarer

Jake has a deep appreciation for the power of travel and its ability to incite change by breaking down the walls within and between us. He brings his unique qualities, genuine personality, big heart, and an unquenchable thirst for the unknown into his work, his professional expression. As an inspirational agent of change, Jake calls on the modern art of ancient travel to raise consciousness and bring about peace, unity, love, and equality. More about Jake & Explorer X …


More about Gordon…

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