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Amazon Awakenings 

Zabalo River, Ecuador
‘Ccaeńtsu Daja’ | Let it Happen


May 26 - June 6, 2020

12 days/11 nights

Pricing from $6,450/pp

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 Be Inspired


Join internationally acclaimed acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in one of the wildest and most sonically beautiful places on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest, as you reawaken your senses and reconnect not only with yourself but also with Planet Earth. Once viscerally guided by our senses, especially the animal alert of 360-degree hearing, most modern men and women, buffeted by noise pollution in man-made concrete and glass city canyons, and increasingly addicted to mass social media and earbud escape, have become disconnected from a world they seldom experience firsthand. In the natural amphitheater of the Amazon Rainforest, select members of the indigenous Cofan tribe will guide us safely through their homelands, interpret the natural history, share their knowledge of edible plants and animals, and care for our needs while we immerse ourselves in a rare, still-pristine nature setting.

After arriving in Quito, we’ll descend from the Andes into the Amazon Basin. First by car, then by motor boat, canoe, and on foot, we’ll progressively shed the modern world, gradually awakening our senses while discovering a rich jungle concert. Our five-day jungle camp will conclude with an evening float trip down the Zabalo River as insects weave complex rhythms and rainforest birds serenade day’s end. Upon our return to Zabalo Village, you will have the option to remain at the village to learn more about Cofan culture or camp alone far within the jungle for two nights. What does it mean to be all alone, far from the nearest human being at the center of spectacularly abundant biodiversity? Cofan Chief and Shaman Randy Borman will help answer such soul-searching questions. Amazon Awakenings promises an unforgettable life-shaping opportunity.

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About Quiet Parks International

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We are proud to share our support for our partners at Quiet Parks International for awarding the Cofan Nation of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest the highest award as First Wilderness Quiet Park.

“Until now, not one place on Earth has been off-limits to noise pollution; natural quiet has become an endangered species without people knowing it,” stated Gordon Hempton, QPI Co-Founder. He went on to say, “Science has made it abundantly clear that noise pollution is not just an annoyance, it causes health loss and dramatically impacts wildlife’s ability to survive. By certifying the Zabalo River as the world’s first Quiet Park we are paving the way for many more Quiet Parks around the globe.”


About Quiet Parks International

About Zabalo River, Ecuador

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Your Journey

The Dance of the Unseen

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Travel Companions



Gordon Hempton

The Soundtracker

I am acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. I care very deeply about quiet. I live near Olympic National Park in the rugged northwest corner of Washington State, quiet enough to be a recording studio — and it is. As The Sound Tracker®, I have circled the globe three times over the last 35 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds—sounds which can only be fully appreciated in the absence of manmade noise. I hope that you will join me in Ecuador.


Jake Haupert

The Mindful Wayfarer

Jake has a deep appreciation for the power of travel and its ability to incite change by breaking down the walls within and between us. He brings his unique qualities, genuine personality, big heart, and an unquenchable thirst for the unknown into his work, his professional expression. As an inspirational agent of change, Jake calls on the modern art of ancient travel to raise consciousness and bring about peace, unity, love, and equality. More about Jake & Explorer X …


More about Gordon…

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A space for reflection & rejuvenation


Our adventure to the Amazon consists of a variety of spaces for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection. In Quito, you can expect a delightful hotel as your jumping point into the depths of the jungle. During your time around the Zabalo River, a rustic cottage will provide a quiet haven in the village. In the heart of the jungle, a basecamp for camping! Variety keeps us engaged and constantly open to new and deepened conversation.



 We Encourage a Growth Mindset


Travel introduces you to new cultures, communities, friends and acquaintances. By looking introspectively, we are better able to understand our own role and how to interact in the world. This trip with Explorer X fuses human connection with self-understanding.


Traversing to areas physically and mentally out of our comfort zone naturally exposes new thoughts, ideas and perceptions. Jake Haupert will create the space for you to comfortably interact and understand these experiences which in turn, adds depth and meaning to each day of travel.


The heart of this trip leads travelers to spending intimate time intently listening to the drumbeats, violins, raindrops & chorus that fills the air immersed within the rainforest around them. Gordon Hempton will lead you on an incredibly unique interactive sound journey in the most sonically beautiful place in the world.

 Join us in the Amazon Rainforest?


Price Per person


May 26 — June 6, 2020
+1 (206) 212-0227

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 Finer Details

+ What is included in the price of the trip?

  • Accommodations as specified above
  • All meals beginning with dinner on May 26, and ending with breakfast on June 6
  • Activities described in the itinerary
  • English-speaking guides throughout
  • Transportation included in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees to the described natural areas, and sites
  • A short documentary video about your Amazon Awakenings experience to share with family and friends

+ Is there an additional solo supplement rate?

For the first and last night, there is a single supplement option at a low rate (inquire for quantity details)!

The nature of the trip itself requires communal sleeping arrangements in the village and jungle as these are the only accomodations available in such a remote region of the country.

+ What is not included?

  • Tips & gratuities (not expected)
  • Items of a personal nature (medicines, souvenirs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Travel insurance*
  • International flights
  • Arrangements on free days
  • Extra snacks, and alcoholic beverages (please note, alcohol is not allowed while in the village)

*Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not included but is strongly recommended. Please contact us to learn more about why you should consider purchasing travel insurance.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations by You & Refunds | Cancellation penalties imposed by Explorer X’s suppliers are per person for land tour arrangements. To cancel your booking, you must send written notice to us by email at: The following cancellation terms apply effective as of the date Explorer X receives written notice of cancellation:

  • Days Prior to Departure: Penalty
  • More than 90 days prior to departure date: 25% of trip price
  • 90—61 days prior to departure date: 50% of trip price
  • 60 days or fewer prior to departure date: 100% of trip price